Defense Club

The Defence Club is a group of KLE Tech students and NCC cadets passionate about pursuing a career in the Indian Defence Forces.

Aspirations of the club

  • Preparation for Defence competitive exams (CDS, NDA, and AFCAT).
  • To be a part of the National Cadet Corps.
  • To shape one's personality for building OLQs (officer-like qualities) necessary for a successful career in the armed forces.
  • Providing guidance from Defence personnel to ace competitive exams and SSBs for joining the forces
  • To learn about and enhance awareness about the Indian Armed Forces.
  • Encouraging youths to join the armed forces.

Word’s Worth English Club

The English club is structured specifically to enhance the students’ knowledge in the art of communication in English and advance the general skills in social discourse to develop linguistic diversity at the university.


The noble philosophy of the English Club is to find virtual opportunities for students to practice English in a relaxed atmosphere. It tries to open all the channels of learning English which must not be limited to the classroom environment. Students must inclusively get involved in English and use it as a medium of communication as much as they can.

English Language Club offers some techniques and activities that cannot be applied within the classroom environment. The club invites students to enjoy learning English. It is a modest attempt to develop students’ levels in English.



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Our very first event was the open mic. This was an enthralling evening with the collective ideas shared by the students of our college. Poetry, stories, stand-up and some happy talks, and that is what pulled off a successful event with 34 speakers.

Open mic event provided participants with an opportunity to showcase their talents, express themselves, build confidence, connect with others, and receive feedback, leading to personal growth and development.

Debattle mainly focused on impacting critical thinking, public speaking, teamwork, and research skills in participants. They also provide an opportunity for personal growth and the development of empathy and understanding for diverse perspectives.

Debattle being one of the flagship events of our club, we had over 37 registrations (74 participants) for the competition. The event was a successful one keeping in mind the objectives and the justice served to each statement provided to the participants.

Wordwhizzle was the largest literature league conducted in the campus. It fostered the creativity and provided a platform to express the participants creative thought processes.

The event was conducted in two phases. The first phase consisted of Crosswords, Taboo and Inkitt. And the second phase was Inquisition, it was the final round. The event had over 54 registrations (108 participants).

The literature league was an absolute triumph, igniting the imaginations and passions of all who participated.

Objectives and Activities

English Club aims to accomplish the following objectives:

  • To create a conducive English-speaking environment on campus.
  • To provide students a friendly platform for honing their English Language skills through numerous opportunities.
  • To promote and uphold peer collaborative leaning through well designed activities and events.
  • To inspire and encourage students to imbibe the English Language for fearless articulation.


Statement or Need of Club

Every year many students appear for the civil services examination and come up with flying colours. However, these efforts have been largely individual. With this in mind, 'KLETech UPSC Club ' aims to create a common platform for students aiming for CSE.

The club arranges weekly group discussions on topics affiliated with current affairs and oriented with exams. It believes in evolving and enhancing the thinking process through group discussion. It also arranges expert lectures and guidance lectures by bureaucrats. Juniors are in direct touch with senior students preparing for CSE so that they can learn from senior member's experience and receive timely guidance for preparation.

Future bureaucrat should be aware of ground realities and should have some field experience in advance, with this in mind club arranges field visits to places of social importance. *Unlike other clubs, there is no strict induction process but clubs require students to be serious with their aspirations.

Higher Studies Club

kle society
What we do?
  • Motivate students to pursue higher education in India and Abroad.
  • Club aims to conduct various workshops, panel/peer discussions, and alumni sessions to help students to seek and cultivate new knowledge to engage in future education.
  • To provide the right kind of leadership in all walks of life, to identify gifted youth, and help them develop their potential to their fullest by cultivating the right interests, interpersonal skills, attitude, and moral and intellectual values.
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