Research in Civil Engineering

Research and PhD

Solving the problems faced by the society by providing reliable, safe and cost-effective designs, innovate materials and systems has been the driving force behind the research team of our schoolTangible focus and resources are implemented to advance the existing trends in the field of civil engineering. Wide array of tools and systems are deployed ranging from Nano level to macro level.

The school conducts state of the art research in the following fields of Civil Engineering:

  • Dynamics and earthquake engineering
  • Smart / Hybrid Composite materials
  • New generation concrete
  • Environmental Geotechnics
  • Deep Foundations
  • Machine learning and deep learning neural network applications in Civil Engineering.
  • Sustainability in Construction Management

Our research fields are extensively studied to be in line with the broader fields of research as identified by the Government of India. The following research canvas depicts our research fields contributing to the broader areas.

Dedicated faculty have been guiding future researchers in their pursuit of Doctora1 degree in our institute. We have state of the art labs, analysis software that researchers use and a research culture where young minds thrive.