Program Vertical

Sl. No. Research Area Research Field Research Topic Faculty
1 Energy Conversion 1. Carry out Engine research on alternative fuel based automotive and agricultural applications
2. Design of Renewable Hybrid energy
conversion Systems
Hydrogen Enriched LowCalorific value Producer gas and Bio-diesel Fuelled Dual Fuel Engine with common Rail Direct Injection (CRDI) Facilities Dr. N. R. Banapurmath
Dr. P.P.Revankar
Mr. Sushruth S. Halewademath
Mr. Rakesh P.Tapaskar
Design and Development of Low cost wind PV hybrid system for domestic Applications
2 Design
Development and characterization of materials with high strength to weight ratio Development of bio-degradable and hybrid composites Dr. Krishnaraja G. Kodancha
Dr. I.G. Siddhalingeshwar
Mr. Nagaraj L Ekabote
Mr. Arun Patil
Mr. Aditya Deshpande
Analysis and design of fail-safe systems Studies on microscopic to macroscopic behavior of developed composites
Develop and use of numerical procedures to analyze mechanical systems
Analysis for fatigue and fracture
3 Materials Processing Development of novel materials and processing of existing & new materials Development of shape memory alloys and hybrid composites. Dr. V N Gaitonde
Mr. Vinayak Kulkarni
Mr. Anand R Lakkundi
Carry out the machinability / formability / weldability studies Characterization studies on developed materials.
Develop the models/techniques for prediction capability for materials processing.
Optimize processing characteristics using numerical and experimental approaches.


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