As the world of Electronics evolves, advances in Very Large Scale Integrated (VLSI) circuits and Embedded Systems technologies are driving the growth of Information Technology.

They play a critical role in designing and developing electronic circuits, devices, and software for applications in diverse areas, such as automation and control systems, communication networks, robotics, biomedical devices, computing hardware, automobiles, and power and electrical equipment.


The Postgraduate Program in VLSI and Embedded Systems is a two years program spread over four semesters. The Program emphasizes developing graduates with an in-depth understanding of semiconductor devices, VLSI circuit design and verification, FPGA design, fabrication process, advanced microcontrollers, real-time OS, and architecting systems using embedded components such as CPU, memory, and peripherals. The students will have hands-on experience with the latest advanced leading EDA (Electronic Design & Automation) tools.

Course Curriculum
Sl. NO. Course Category
01 Data Structures using C
02 Analog and Digital Circuits
03 Fundamentals of Signal Processing
04 Machine learning
05 RISC Architectures
06 Electronic System Design
Sl. NO. Course Category
01 Mathematical Thinking and Logical Reasoning
02 Principles and Practices of Engineering Education
03 Automotive Electronics
04 Real Time Embedded Systems
05 Multimedia Signal Processing
06 Data Communication
07 Image & Video Processing Digital Control Systems
08 Multi Sensor Data Fusion
09 Mini Project 1
Sl. NO. Course Category
01 Advanced Computer Architecture and Programming
02 Automotive Communication
03 AUTOSAR and Infotainment Internet of Things
04 Multirate Signal Processing System Simulation & Modeling
05 Industrial Training /Mini project
06 Project Phase I / Minor Project
Sl. NO. Course Category
01 (Project Phase II / Major Project)