School of Mechanical Engineering has Faculties Working in two Research Areas

Sl. No. Mechanical Research Groups 2021 2022 2023
Scopus WOS Scopus WOS Scopus WOS
1 Centre for Material Science 6 3 3 1 7 5
2 Design Engineering 9 4 4 2 18 2
  Total 15 7 7 3 25 7

Mechanical Engineering

Sl. No. Research Area Supervisors
1 Centre for Material Science Dr. C V Adake, Dr. S B Angadi
2 Design Engineering Dr. S F Patil, Dr. A H Gadagi, Dr. D C Patil, Dr. R G Lingannavar, Dr. R N Chikkanagoudar

Current Ph.D Scholars (Mechanical Engineering)

Sl. No. Name of the Ph.D Scholar Part-Time/ Full Time Batch
1 N L Pattar Part-Time 2017-18
2 Sachidananda T G Part-Time 2017-18
Patent details for 2022 & 2023
Sl. No. Title Inventors Patent Number Country Applied/Published/ Awarded
1 IOT ENABLED AUDIO PLAYER INTEGRATED PRINTER Gaurav Srivastava, Shailesh Golabhanvi, 393506-001 India Published
2 IOT based additive manufacturing Device R N Chikkangoudar 402091-001 India Applied
3 System & Method for Examination of Cognitive Patterns in Individuals using Wearbale Sensors M Sadiq A Pachapuri, R. G. Lingannavar, N K Kelageri 202311090260 India Applied
4 Portable dental plaque remover R G. Lingannavar, C. V. Adake In-process India Applied
Sl. No. Title Inventors Patent Number Country Applied/Published/ Awarded
1 A comprehensive system for spray cooling evaluation Amith H Gadagi, Saee Harshad Thakur et. al Patent No: G06F 30/27
Application No: 202022105324
Germany Awarded
2 Artificial Intelligence enabled comparative study to analyze the characteristics of silicon to calcium Titanium Oxide in solar panel set-up Surendra Kumar Yadav, Sanjeev A Janawade Application No: 202241015031 India Published
3 Designing A smart charging plug in Cables for Laptops Design Vishwanath Patil, Sanjeev A Janawade 372032-001 India Awarded
4 Dynamic application for Investors portfolio detection using behavioral analysis Gokhale Prayag, Ligannavar Ravi 2021104059 Austrialia Published