Department of Biotechnology has faculties working in the research areas namely,

Bio resource development, Sustainable technology and Healthcare / Bio therapeutics.

S.No. BT Research Groups 2020 2021
1 Bio resource Development 4 4
2 Sustainable Technology 3 3
3 Healthcare/ Bio therapeutics 3 3
  Tota 10 10
Department of Biotechnology
S.No. Research Area Supervisors
1 Bioresource Development Dr. B.S.Hungund, Dr. S.V.Desai
2 Sustainable Biosolutions Dr. B.S. Hungund, Dr. L R Patil, Dr. V S Hombalimath
3 Healthcare / Biotherapeutics Dr. Uday M. Muddapur, Dr. Zabin Bagewadi

Ph.D. Scholars (Biotechnology)

S.No. Name of the Ph.D. Schular Part-Time/Full Time Registration Number Batch
1 Archana Revankar Full Time 01FE21RBT001 2021-22
2 Rekha Halayal Full Time 01FE21RBT002  
3 Shreya Shettar Full Time 01FE21RBT003  
4 Zareen Kousar Kazi Full Time 01FE18RBT001 2018-19
5 Anil Shet Part Time 01PE16RBT001 2016-17
6 Gururaj B. Tennalli Part Time 01PE16RBT002  
7 Deepak Yaraguppi Part Time 01PE17RBT001 2017-18
8 SanjayDeshpande Part Time 01PE17RBT002  
9 Namratha Hegde P Full Time 01FE17RBT004  
10 Sharanappa A Part Time 01PE17RBT003