Jan 02, 2024

Two International Conferences ,ICTIEE & IASF inaugurated at KLE Technological University, Hubbballi.

Two International Conferences ,ICTIEE  & IASF inaugurated at KLE Technological University, Hubbballi.

The Eleventh International Conference on Transformations in Engineering Education (ICTIEE 2024) and IUCEE Annual Student Forum (IASF) 2024 kick started the three-day long events at KLE Technological University, Hubballi, Karnataka on January 2, 2024, with "Systemic Transformation in Engineering Education" as the theme.M

The ICTIEE 2024 was welcomed by Dr. Ashok Shettar, Vice Chancellor of KLE Technological University. He emphasized the importance of staying at the forefront of global educational advancements and highlighted the university's commitment to fostering innovation and excellence in teaching and learning. He recollected the support of IUCEE in the journey of transforming engineering education.M

Dr. Krishna Vedula, Executive Director of the IUCEE Foundation, delivered a compelling vision for education as a catalyst for transformation. Stressing the need for change agents within campuses, he advocated for student-centric education, collaboration with institutions worldwide, and the adoption of Outcome-Based Education (OBE) as a metric for effective learning.M

S K Ramesh, Professor at California State University, USA, emphasized the profound impact of caring for students, stating that their well-being is key to successful learning. He shared insights into the importance of engineering education and proposed the CARE model—Collaborative, Accountable, Resilient, and Ethical—as a framework for shaping future engineers.M

Michael Milligan, Chief Executive Officer of ABET, urged upon the educators to address the challenges faced by the planet through STEM education.M

Dr. Gopalkrishna Joshi, Vice Chancellor of MIT Vishwa Prayag University, Solapur, highlighted the milestones of the university's journey towards becoming autonomous in 2007 and KLE Technological university subsequently.M

Dr. Prakash Tewari, Dean Academics formally proposed the vote of thanks. Dr. B.S Anami Registrar KLE Technological University and Dr. Vijayalakshmi M., Chair of the Organizing Committee, and Head, School of Computer Science and Engineering, KLE Technological University were present on the occasion. Both conferences will host diverse paper presentations, keynotes, bootcamps, workshops, and plenary discussions. M

IASF was marked by the bootcamp session conducted by Ms. Sampada Pachuary. Addressing the gathering, she introduced the diverse array of Bootcamps, emphasizing the interdisciplinary approach that forms the backbone of the forum. A distinguished panel of 14 mentors, each a luminary in their respective fields, were introduced, further enriching the student learning experience.M

Among the notable mentors present were Mr. Aditya Bhatnagar, a STEM Educator from The Mindcrafters, Chandigarh, sharing his extensive experience in electronic manufacturing and STEM education. Dr. Kalyan Ram B, CEO of Indxo AI, Bengaluru, and Vice President of IAOE, Austria, brought his expertise in Engineering Design and solutions for Industry 4.0. Dr. Prathiba Nagabhushan, an Educational Consultant from the Australian Catholic University, and Atun Roy Choudhury, Assistant General Manager at Cube Bio Energy, brought their wealth of knowledge and research excellence to the table. Shalini K. Sharma, a practitioner in Mental Health from Nitte University, rounded off the impressive lineup, representing the importance of holistic well-being in the engineering landscape. Over 300+ delegates from India and abroad were present at the conference.M